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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
Feiwel & Friends
454 pages

If you've read my review of Cinder, you know it took me a while to read these books. And you also know that I regret that with every fiber of my being. As I finished Cinder, I made it my mission to own Scarlet. After two unsuccessful trips to Barnes and Noble, one online order, and three agonizingly long weeks after my initial reading of Cinder, I finally had my copy. And may I just say — wow. I thought Cinder was good? Well. In the immortal words of Cadet Captain Thorne, “Hello, Scarlet.”

It’s safe to say that Scarlet blew me away. One moment I was cracking up and the next I was a sniveling mess of tears and ugh. Seriously, if you have any misgivings that it won’t live up to its predecessor or that you’ll find yourself not liking the new heroine as much, rest assured. Marissa Meyer is an expert at her craft.

Scarlet takes place right where Cinder left off; Cinder breaking out of jail the day after the catastrophe that was Prince Kai’s coronation. We’re also introduced to the book’s namesake, Scarlet Benoit, who is arguably the most badass fairy tale incarnation ever to grace the pages of literature. In her first appearance, she’s just been informed by comm that the police have stopped the search to find her grandmother — Scarlet’s beloved guardian who has been missing for weeks. From here on you experience the fight with these two awesome girls that take action to save themselves and the people they love. They meet new friends and are reunited with old ones, all allied in hopes to bring down the horrific Queen Levana. MM seamlessly integrates their stories together, along with glimpses of Emperor Kai and Queen Levana herself.

There are several new characters in Book 2, such as Wolf, the mysterious street fighter who embarks on the journey with Scarlet to rescue her Grand-mére (he’s my favorite precious darling, next to Scarlet, of course), Cadet Carswell Thorne, a sleazy American thief and army deserter who worms his way into your heart and by the end of the book, definitely deserves the title of ‘Captain’.

The character interactions in this book were gold, and I found myself appropriately squealing, dying, screaming, and in some cases, screeching, at most chapters.

Definitely towards the end there were some twists I was NOT expecting (which, for the sake of being a spoiler-free review, I won’t mention). I was constantly on my toes because holy crap who do you trust omg who are you who is that WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!??!

MM’s prose is fantastic and vivid. I loved the settings and how they were described, the Benoits’ farm being my favorite location of both the books together. just as I loved the choice of Beijing for Cinder, I loved Rieux for Scarlet.

I just really love these books. I love everything about them so much AahHhH I am trying to sound like a smart adult with good things to say but my emotions are taking over and omG I love them so much!!! The Lunar Chronicles is absolutely 100% one of my favorite book series ever; up there with Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and The Hunger Games. Is there a movie deal yet? Why is there no movie?

I CANNOT wait for Cress. Rapunzel is probably my favorite fairy tale (I think it’s the hair, I’ve got a thing for crazy hair) and Cress is such a clever name. Watercress = Cress? And perhaps Cress is short for Crescent Moon? AHH Marissa Meyer you are killing me with these possibilities!!!! How am I ever going to survive till February? Seriously. If you have an ARC and you don't want it or are just very generous coULD YOU PLEASE LET ME BORROW IT? PLeASE. (Okay that sounds creepy I know, but I'm kind of distraught and very incredibly emotionally invested in this series.)

~ Ellie


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