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GUEST POST: Isabel's Review of Cinder -- a #GiftofCinder post

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I love Cinder. Period.
Alright, Cinder was suggested to me by my older sister. I wasn't exactly interested in it, as I was quite pre-occupied with my two other favorite book series, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Nevertheless, she lent her copy to me and I gulped the entire book down within one night. May I just say, this it the best stinking book ever. I question myself as to why I thought it was weird. I mean, what's weird about a cyborg Cinderella living in futuristic Beijing?

Anyways, it is my kind of book. It's fast pace, and had me half squealing, half crying over every sentence. Every character was well written, most easy to love, others easy to hate *cough* Levana *cough*. The chemistry between Cinder and Kai was amazing. Them together is like a pizza with extra cheese.
 I was distraught over Peony's death, as she was one of my favorite characters, and the bond between her and Cinder was so sweet. Iko is adorable, Adri was revolting, and Dr. Erland was hilarious at times.

Would I recommend this book? YESSSS!!!!! It is my favorite book of all time and I hope every fairytale loving person gets to read Cinder! Thanks to my sister and Marissa Meyer for lending and writing it!

Why I Lent Cinder to My Sister -- a #GiftofCinder post

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Cinder (and Scarlet, alas, irrelevance doesn't prevail today) was the best book I read this year to infinity and beyond. The Lunar Chronicles has easily worked its way to the top of my mental list of "FAVORITE BOOK SERIES TO EVER BE WRITTEN EVER" list. So naturally, when it comes to choosing a victim friend of my Scifi-Fairytale-Retelling Obsession, I chose my younger sister, Isabel.

Isabel and I are homeschooled, a fancy colloquialism meaning: to wear pajama pants all day and spend lots of time with your siblings. Though she's a good four and a half years younger than me, at thirteen, I believe she is ready to begin her epic slog through that aforementioned list of mine. In April I lent her my copies of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and in August we got her a box set of Harry Potter for her birthday. Needless to say, she has excellent taste (it shows in the couples she ships and the characters she cries over).

Cinder is an excellent book. There is an amazing, intricate plot line, which is an obvious plus. Not to mention kickass girls with friendships and skills and flaws and their own unique personalities. I am very particular about introducing my younger sister to books that contain good female role models that are also realistic. Marissa Meyer exceeds all standards and expectations in this area, which makes The Lunar Chronicles the best candidate for her next series to read. Also, there is understated and believable (not to mention adorable) romance and family bonds. I seriously love this book-- I could go on for days about all the positives, but when it comes down to it, they are just plain brilliant. The end.

I lent her Cinder a week ago and she has just informed me that she finished! Her review will be up soon. I lent her Scarlet the moment she finished and I know she will love it just as much, if not more!

(Update: she loves it more. And she says if Kai doesn't find out Cinder is Selene in Cress, she will
flip a table.)

Before I wrap this up, I'd love to take a few lines and say thank you to Mac Teen Books for hosting this contest and to Marissa Meyer for hosting so many contests this year and, obviously, for writing the fabulous Lunar Chron. Her books have made my life as a total fairytale nut. They have brought me so much comfort and joy an given me something to look forward to in a dark time of my life. I entered this contest knowing that if Isabel loved the series, I could have a chance to share Cress with her before the release date. It would make such an awesome Christmas present for her. I don't hope to win, but I am grateful for the chance. Just thought I would say that. Besides, it's Thanksgiving! This is definitely one of the things I'm thankful for.

Her review will be up in a bit!

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