Saturday, November 30, 2013

GUEST POST: Isabel's Review of Cinder -- a #GiftofCinder post

Posted by Ellie at 10:13 AM
I love Cinder. Period.
Alright, Cinder was suggested to me by my older sister. I wasn't exactly interested in it, as I was quite pre-occupied with my two other favorite book series, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Nevertheless, she lent her copy to me and I gulped the entire book down within one night. May I just say, this it the best stinking book ever. I question myself as to why I thought it was weird. I mean, what's weird about a cyborg Cinderella living in futuristic Beijing?

Anyways, it is my kind of book. It's fast pace, and had me half squealing, half crying over every sentence. Every character was well written, most easy to love, others easy to hate *cough* Levana *cough*. The chemistry between Cinder and Kai was amazing. Them together is like a pizza with extra cheese.
 I was distraught over Peony's death, as she was one of my favorite characters, and the bond between her and Cinder was so sweet. Iko is adorable, Adri was revolting, and Dr. Erland was hilarious at times.

Would I recommend this book? YESSSS!!!!! It is my favorite book of all time and I hope every fairytale loving person gets to read Cinder! Thanks to my sister and Marissa Meyer for lending and writing it!


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